Transcription Services

Transcription and Translation

You may want to study videoed interviews of prospective staff from a foreign country but they were carried out in a language you don’t understand. You might have an instructional video for which your staff need an exact translation. That’s where you need expert word-for-word transcription and translation of audio-visual files and video. Much of this work is in the legal, media and medical sectors, but anything else can be translated as you require.

What Are Translation and Transcription?

Translation: Highly-trained linguists will listen to the spoken words of any audio or visual content and translate them into any language you require. This is either marked against time codes, or according to who is speaking, so you have an exact record of what is being said.

Transcription: What is said in the foreign language is written down in that foreign language. For example, if the language is Arabic, our interpreter will write down word for word what was said in Arabic text.

If you require, both services can be combined. You will receive a translation of the spoken language and a text in written format.

When time is tight, Babylon Translation Centre is unrivalled in its field for a fast, low cost, quality service. Contact us here for a quote.