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Translation Services

General Translation

This is the simplest service we offer and most of our translations fall into this category. Written in language that is easy to understand, you can be confident that our translations are accurate word-for-word. To be doubly sure, documents are automatically proofread by a native speaker to ensure precise wording. Babylon Translation Centre specialises in Arabic and English. But we can translate into many more international languages, meaning you only have to deal with one company. Ask us what we can do for you.

Certified Translation

Planning to work, study or move abroad? You may need to provide documents to foreign high schools, universities, governments and immigration authorities and these often require a certified translation into that country’s native language. We can do this for you. Our translations come with a state-issued international apostille certificate confirming that signatures and seals are authentic, which legalises the document for use in most countries around the world. We can translate a range of documents including:

Notarised Translation

Notarised translations are signed by the translator in front of a notary, who will stamp and witness the document as proof that it is correct. This differs from a certified translation, which does not need to be verified by a notary. Translations for admission to foreign high schools, colleges and universities will probably need to be notarised. Documents for legal, contractual or immigration purposes generally require a certified translation. Don’t worry about which translation you might need – our experts will be able to advise you.

Legal Translation

When you want a legal document to be translated quickly and accurately, you need a specialist. A wrong word or sentence could have major consequences for you or your company. Imagine losing a contract or having to fight a costly court case because you relied on a translator with a less than expert knowledge of law and language. With Babylon Translation Centre, these potential problems never arise. We have the people with language and legal skills able to speedily deliver an exact translation for law firms and banks, training and educational institutes, embassies and NGOs. If you have a deadline, we can meet it. If you have a language problem, we can fix it.

Marketing & Media Translations

Technical Translations

Mistakes in technical and scientific translations can cost money. Incorrect terminology can waste time. We know both of these are precious for business. To avoid costly downtime of staff and machinery, our trained professionals can help you with specialist technical know-how and provide skilled translations of reports and manuals in international languages. Many large corporations trust us to do this job for them. You can trust us too. We can also translate:

Medical Translations

Medical translation can be – literally – a matter of life and death. A wrong sentence in a manual or diagnosis, or a wrong figure on a label, can have grave consequences. That’s why you need the best translation service on the market to make sure that everything is covered, from medical packaging to equipment manuals and medical books. The language of medicine is too important. Leave the meticulous interpretation you need to our professionals.

Interpretation Services

Interpreting In Any Situation

You want to move into foreign markets and need to hold negotiations with potential clients. But they don’t speak your language and you don’t speak theirs. What to do? It’s in these situations that Babylon Translation Centre steps up to the plate. Professional in-person interpreters can provide you with simultaneous or consecutive translation depending on your needs. This is mostly in the medical, legal, corporate and immigration fields but our interpreters are flexible and adaptable to any situation.

Conference Interpreting

Hosting an international conference means communication is crucial in several different languages. Smooth and precise interpretation is what our clients expect and Babylon Translation Centre will be a key part of your successful event. Our team have years of multilingual conference experience, meeting the highest standards required and approved by professional bodies such as the International Association of Conference Interpreters and the Institute of Translation. Your guests can enjoy simultaneous translation in English, Arabic, French, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish – and these are just some of the languages we cover. If your guests speak it, we can translate it – guaranteed. It’s not just about words either. Our interpreters do their research beforehand, ensuring unrivalled fluency in current vocabulary and terminology. If you need financial, technical or legal specialists, we can provide them too.

Consecutive Interpreting

The kind of Interpretation you need depends on your situation and requirements. In consecutive interpreting, a translator will take notes of what is being said by the speaker and faithfully deliver it in the target language. Unlike simultaneous translation, this method does not require equipment and can be delivered in less formal settings such as banquets, business trips or negotiations.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

You want to speak to a client in another country or need urgent discussions with a foreign guest in your office. Just give us a call and we will arrange the online meeting and provide the interpretation for you in any language you require.

Sign Language Interpreting

Take your message beyond spoken and written language. We can also interpret sign language for the deaf and take care to match expert interpreters to your particular needs, from conferences and trade shows to legal, medical and immigration matters. Arabic Sign Language, American Sign Language ASL), British Sign language.

Conference Interpreting Equipment

Individual headsets, microphones, flawless interpretation – it all comes as a full service package when you need to make sure that an important conference, trade show or business presentation runs smoothly. If you need it, Babylon Translation Centre has it. Get in touch to find out more.

Website Copywriting

Cover all aspects of the world of language with excellence in digital and online content. 

Websites provide a window to the worlds of commerce, education and much more. But if you can’t read them, or foreign customers and clients can’t read yours, then that’s a problem – which we can solve.

Babylon Translation Centre provides copywriting and translation for websites, brochures, press releases, adverts, social media, emails, newsletters, articles and more. Communicate with your foreign target audience in sharp and punchy writing crafted by highly-trained experts. Convert your website into any language you like – you could have dozens, spreading your message around the world, rich in keywords to direct search engines to your business.

But it’s not just the words that are important – how they are presented is also crucial. Website localisation helps you to complement different values and outlooks and avoid cross-cultural pitfalls. For example, certain images may be offensive to the people of Muslim countries. Some cultures read left to right, so text on the left may be unpleasant visually. Measurements, currency and figures should reflect local usage. 

There are many, many factors to consider when contacting foreign cultures – get in touch with Babylon Translation Centre to talk over the process and get a price (a really good one).


A wrong word in a legal, technical, scientific or medical document could become a big problem. Mistakes in spelling and grammar can make websites and promotional material look sloppy and unprofessional. You require precision in translation –  and you need to be confident that the service you have paid for delivers. That’s why we check and double check everything. Babylon Translation Centre’s experts work on your document and then a native speaker looks at it again, to make sure every word is accurate. We also proofread documents originally written in English, such as business training courses, management training courses, tertiary projects, Powerpoint presentations, books and websites. 


Each service package we offer is constructed to the exact requirements of our clients. We listen carefully to what you want, realise your vision, reach your targets and meet your budget. The solution to your problems lies with us. 

Contact the Babylon Translation Centre team today on +973-17382505 for more information, or drop us an email at info@babyloncentre.com







Contact the Babylon Translation Centre team today on +973-17382505 for more information, or drop us an email at info@babyloncentre.com

Voice-over and subtitling

Embrace modern multimedia with audio and visual content that speaks to audiences and consumers around the world in their own language. Your video or web content can be subtitled in as many foreign languages as you want, or given a quality voice-over from an artist of your choice.

This service is ideal for:

There are two main types of voice-overs:

Wild recording – the voice-over artist reads from a script without synchronization.

Sync to video – a script is carefully translated and adapted to fit specific time codes. The recorded voice is then synchronized to the video.


Adding subtitles to video remains the most cost-effective and popular way of reaching audiences in other languages. Training material, e-learning content, online videos – our experienced team can handle them all with in-depth industry standard knowledge of the subtitling process. Subtitles can also be burnt onto videos and encoded to various file formats.

Conference Equipment

Translation Equipment for Conferences and Meetings

People from around the world, from many different cultures and backgrounds, come together at international conferences, meetings and conventions. 
If you want them to be able to speak to you and each other, you need natural and fluent interpreting services with problem-free equipment. Babylon Translation Centre offers state-of-the-art translation equipment including interpreter booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles and all related sound and audio gear.
Have everything taken care of, from the technical set-up, to providing interpreters to record and translate everything that was said. No matter how big or small your assignment, whether it is a small-scale business meeting or a multilingual conference, you can be confident that such a key part of a successful event is being looked after by a company you can trust.

We can supply:


In a standard conference set-up, each delegate will have a lightweight headset connected to a small, boxed receiver to listen to a live translation. Users can control individual volumes and tune into a range of channels for different translations using a simple switch.


Conference interpretation systems use different microphones for ease and convenience.

Transmission System

Babylon Translation Centre uses an infrared wireless system to transmit to the delegate receivers. The infrared from ‘radiators’ placed around the room reflects off solid walls and surfaces to ensure seamless coverage. Infrared provides true voice reproduction of simultaneous interpreters, speakers and other original sound sources, such as Powerpoint presentations.

Interpreter Booths

Our interpreter booths meet with international standards for portable booths and fit discreetly into most venues.

On-Site Technician

Highly-trained technicians ensure that fully-tested equipment is installed safely and meets your requirements. Technicians will also monitor and operate the system to make certain of problem-free operation and clear and natural speech.

Tour Guide System

Tour Guide systems use radio to enable interpreters or guides to talk to groups of people during off-site visits to places such as exhibits or factories.
The systems operate so that the group listens to one speaker. If there are different language groups within a delegation, each group can have headsets linked to different interpreters. The systems can be sent by courier to clients, in carriers containing one or two microphones, one transmitter and up to 25 delegate headsets.

Multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing

If you require eye-catching design and sparkling copy for marketing literature, brochures and all kinds of advertising, then Babylon Translation Centre has what you need. Services include multilingual translation for typesetting and desktop publishing, creating new documents from scratch or translating existing documents in most world languages. Different world scripts are no problem either. Have your material written in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Thai and Urdu. 

Specialist areas include:

Transcription Services

Transcription and Translation

You may want to study videoed interviews of prospective staff from a foreign country but they were carried out in a language you don’t understand. You might have an instructional video for which your staff need an exact translation. That’s where you need expert word-for-word transcription and translation of audio-visual files and video. Much of this work is in the legal, media and medical sectors, but anything else can be translated as you require.

What Are Translation and Transcription?

Translation: Highly-trained linguists will listen to the spoken words of any audio or visual content and translate them into any language you require. This is either marked against time codes, or according to who is speaking, so you have an exact record of what is being said.

Transcription: What is said in the foreign language is written down in that foreign language. For example, if the language is Arabic, our interpreter will write down word for word what was said in Arabic text.

If you require, both services can be combined. You will receive a translation of the spoken language and a text in written format.

When time is tight, Babylon Translation Centre is unrivalled in its field for a fast, low cost, quality service. Contact us here for a quote.