Online Seminar with Babylon Translation Centre

Via Zoom

Babylon Translation Centre and US-based La Salle University exchange expertise in simultaneous interpretation


Pennsylvania-based La Salle University hosted Babylon Translation Centre chief executive Ahmed Jameel as part of a practical training organised for students pursuing its programme of Master’s of Art in Translation and Interpretation.

Held via video-conferencing app Zoom, the training aimed to allow students the opportunity of benefiting from Mr Jameel’s experience in simultaneous interpretation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In this context, Mr Jameel pointed to the centre’s plan to increase cooperation in practical training with foreign universities given the noteworthy advances in technology and the utilisation of it, especially during the Covid-19 crisis that hit many world sectors, namely the educational and training sectors.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a unique pattern in our Arab world, which is learning, training and working from a distance. Because of this crisis, working from a distance became an inescapable reality even if it ended, and we have to adapt with this pattern if we want to cope with the changes taking place around the world,” said Mr Jameel.

Programme co-ordinator Rodolfo Tellez also emphasised the role of technology in a student’s life.

“It was a great opportunity to get an overview of the simultaneous interpretation experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he said.

“Education now knows no geographic boundaries. We have to be aware of the importance of the optimal use of technology in the educational field as students should benefit from all e-learning features and experts from all over the world in their relevant fields.”

Students expressed their delight at this unique experience, which was made possible with the use of Zoom.

It is worth mentioning that Babylon Translation Centre is distinguished for the provision of quality training programmes and specialised programmes for graduating university students to bridge the gap between academic content and practical training. La Salle University is also known for its simultaneous interpretation programme that prepares its students to work in various relevant fields such as law and medicine.



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